Friday, April 20, 2007

Kuch armaan idhar bhi hain

aasman me udte parindo ke aashiyan aur bhi hain,
aur dharti par rengta ek main hoon main hoon..

duniya bhag rahi hai jane kiske liye,
aur kahin piche ruka ek main hoon main hoon..

jab jagti hai duniya kuch karne ke liye,
kisi ki yaado me khoya ek main hoon main hoon..

jindagi me umang aur bhi hai yun to,
jeene ke liye asha dhoondhta ek main hoon main hoon..

is jagmagate shehar meraste aur bhi hain,
chorahe pe khada sabko dekhta ek main hoon main hoon..

har kisi ki chahat ki bhavishya achha ho,
apne vartman ko jhonkta ek main hoon main hoon..

pyar me log har bar kuch khote hain,
kuch jyada paane ki umeed me ek main hoon main hoon..

yun to sab khushian hi dhoondhte hain
un khushion me ek dard khojta main hun main hun..

pune ki sadko pe udata hai dhuan har jagah,
is dhuen me pyaar dhoondhta ek main hoon main hoon..

masti me gujar di jindagi ab tak,
pal pal badalta ek main hoon main hoon..

nafrat ho gayi is bhedbhad wali jindagi se,
apne ghar ko yaad karta ek main hoon main hoon..

yun to sada hi muskurane ki aadat hai,
is muskurahat me kai dard chupaye ek main hoon main hoon..

kho gaya hun yahan ki chakachondh roshni me,
apni khoyi virasat dhoondhta ek main hoon main hoon..

pyaar me dhokhe khati rahi hai yun to duniya
pathar-dil se aas lagaye ek main hoon main hoon..

yun to thak gaya hun din me kam karke,
raat me bhi chain dhoondhta ek main hoon main hoon..

dard suna diya to kahin woh ro na pade,
uske aansuon ko rokta ek main hoon main hoon..

dil ki baat kahne ke liye dost chahiye,
dosto ki bheed me bhi akela ek main hoon main hoon..

ek tanha main hun hun


Its My love- does she believe me ~SOURABH GIRDHAR

Its our love
not confined to only words
our hearts are joined
with strong threads
threads of love, threads of emotion
threads of life's up and down motions.

you have done something to me,
you drove me insane.
how could I tell you,
my heart is in severe pain.

I know the path is not straight,
but I am already in wait.
I thought you as a panacea,
don't tell that you hate.

smile is the only thing,
I just want a ping.
wish I could give,
at least one tenth of my being.

my world is changed now,
you must feel that some how.
I am used to see the sky,
there I see you and I.
for every time our eyes meet,
I fell my life is complete.

you know I can't resist your charms,
I want to hold you in my arms.
no matter we are near or far,
in my life you are the only star.

Sad Part

holding cell in the hand,
listening the [v] band.
seeing the volleyball,
to control the call,

life was going fine,
in the perfect rhyme.
suddenly she came,
making my life a blame.

beautiful were the eyes,
like the deep sky.
thought she wants a bird,
I was dying to fly.

first time it happened,
I exploded all truth.
don’t know why doing this,
searching for a bliss.

her name is called HOPE
me feeling like a dope.
the smile reflects the name,
I wanted to add to my fame.

my life got uncovered,
dreams getting buttered.
she said she wants to know,
and she was doing that more and more.

she was used to exploring,
sometimes quite boring.
but I kept on responding,
to commit a strong bonding.

she is trying my patience,
and I am failing the test.
why she doing this way,
does she not believe me?

I know she also loves me,
but she wants to be sure.
she just wants to know,
that my love is pure.

confused she stays all time,
but she also wants to be mine.
even I stay confused,
my career and love fused.

Should I say its our love.
no its my love
has urged some words....
I want to now leave,
I think she does not believe.
its my love....
its my love....