Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another day celebration

The day called as Women Day

Date - March 08, 2008

Knobbed the FM station in the morning just when left home for my workplace (My way of passing time while travelling to office). There was only one thing that was prominent on every channel. Picked the newspaper and same thing was wrapped over each page. There were enormous offers and discounts on the occasion of International Women's Day.

Same happened with me when I went out to Reliance Digital to try out a new cell phone. There was a huge banner that was yelling undoubtedly to invite all the women with the posts like 'On the occasion of women day get free make up, get this free and blah blah'.

Why we celebrate women day on 8th march. Did first women on earth borne on this day? If yes, How??
Why we celebrate father's day. Did the first father on the earth turned as father on that day? Do you need some special day to demonstrate gratitude towards your father.
Why we celebrate Valentine day. Do the lovers need some special occasion to make love or express love??.

I am not against any of these days, but the thing which stuns my mind on each day of this type is which day I should celebrate......

I am not a father.. I am not a mother.. I am not a women.. I am not a sister..
So I can't go and get treated on fathers day, mothers day, women day and respectively.
Moreover the very last wish for people like me is the big one "The valentine Day" but fortunately I am SINGLE. So I can't even celebrate that. And my friends keep me sending me sms wishing all these days even women day. Is any day made for me ??? Is there any day on which I can get treated.. on which I get cards wishing me best or like ... on which I go somewhere and retreated very auspiciously.

Is not there should be a day to celebrate or revere the persons who live far from their home (especially Software engineers). I would appeal to home ministry to declare a day like "Single Software Engineers Day".Will we be able to celebrate any weekend or holiday in a way other
than getting boozed late night and then dreaming about bugs in production? We should find a good way of recreation other than being a dipsomaniac or watching repeated telecast of yuvraj's batting. Isn't Archies, telecom companies and restaurant chains planning to start a new celebration day where they can greet bachelors?
Hey you all turned serious?? Don't take so much of stress, definitely some one will listen to our spirits.

Hope that we can make every day as ours...


anusha said...

i hope the single software engineers day would allow female software engineer to celebrate too...

keep write very well

Nitu said...

Damn..u r hitting my chord too.
At the rate the special occasion/person/event days are piling up, we shall soon run out of the days( there are 365 days in yr after all). So soon every day will b a normal..keep going.

Sourabh Girdhar said...

Ya it really seems . we will run out of days.....
as we have already invented special days for mother, father..... blah blah....
ya hope so that every thing will be normal.... :)