Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Five Some

This is a story of five people living in Puneet Plaza, Sec-30 vashi, Navi Mumbai....

We are the five some…
Making the house one..

Ronny aka montu ..
He is a fundoo
Seems some times fuzzy
Can make gals crazy…

He is a dear
Without any fear
Saying the things
We love him fings

Vishu aka vidi
Legs ar like bidi
all think he quits
But he talk like shits.

Sourabh aka kaddu..
Don’t guess him faddu
Just ciao him oncy...
You will feel lucky.

The power of words
The power of love…
He is the lyriscist…
A pure and divine Dove

Jai aka jippy
He is rocker hippie
Teaching us the lessons
And giving a lot blessings

Raman aka bansi
He not at all fanci
We want him to be hooker
But he is turning booker

Hope we all live long ........

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