Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine DAY ---- V DAY

It will appear that I am stealing words from heart of singles. I am just materializing it hard what the every single thinks on the V-Day (For us its Independence day :) ). The thing is, I made it a dare to extort all those stances and many people conceal this as they represent the cool part of society.
Well the thing is true – "ladoo jo khaye pachtaye jo na khaye who bhi pachtaye…."

Love is a very immense feeling which is developed only when you don’t have anyone to love :) , and importantly love get aroused like mukesh ambani’s property when the person you love leaves you (specially he/she gets marries to some one else) :).
This is the time you start feeling like a monkey which is tied to a bamboo tree.

I spent my valentine day with a gal whom I met few days before valentine. I simply dropped a call to her. I said there are many options to ask. I can ask it very pretty way by singing a poem for you and asking you to be for an outing. Even I can drop a bunch of flowers to your door with a V-Card. But the Idea with whom I am convinced most is –

“Neither you have anyone nor have I. So let be out for dinner, At least it would be better than watching superfluous news channels.”

And she was also convinced with the great thought.

Basically what the great philosophers have said there is always some one whom you dream about.
The only difference you are lack of dreams as you are not able to sleep only.

And most importantly one advantage of being single is suddenly you turn creative and start writing for time pass. When you feel like lonely in this lovable world full of love all around , it comes to your mind that you have a passion for writing and don’t how it has got vanished in the past. Take this example only :) I was never interested in writing even my exam paper and now I post on public sites like this.

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